Certified Psychic Medium

Welcome! I am Heidi Jaffe, and I specialize in medium readings and psychic readings. My clients work with me by phone and Skype from all over world, and in person in my office in Orlando, Florida. I also do house clearings in the Central Florida area.

I love being a psychic medium and helping people every day. To me, there’s nothing better than connecting you with your loved ones on the other side, or sharing guidance from your spirit guides for assistance when you have specific questions about your path in life. 


Sometimes you might feel a little nervous about a reading. From the beginning, I make sure you feel safe and comfortable. My office is a confidential safe haven to be yourself and ask any questions you want! There is never any judgement in my office, nor do I think there are ever any stupid questions. And even though I am serious about my work,  my readings are very relaxed and there is a lot of laughter. I am always very conscious of how my clients are feeling. I will always check in throughout the reading to make sure things are making sense and that my client is feeling comfortable. I truly enjoy working with every client I meet and want you to have the best reading possible.


I always want to give my best to my clients, so I have spent a lot of time and care refining my psychic medium skills. 

I am certified as a legitimate Medium by the well respected Forever Family Foundation. I am 1 of only 30 mediums in the country that have passed their rigorous testing to prove true spirit communication in over a decade of testing mediums. Thousands have applied, but few pass the strict criteria to be come certified by this foundation:

Certified Medium by Forever Family Foundation

I have also been rigorously trained, tested and certified by world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams, earning these certifications:

Certified Advanced Psychic Medium
Certified Spiritual Advisor
Certified Master Teacher of Advanced Psychic Mediumship