Slurpees. That is what I mentioned at the end of a reading. I found out what it meant a year later. This is the reason why I always tell my clients to hold on to the crazy things I say in a reading. I have 1 to 3 of them in every one. Quite honestly I do not remember saying this. I can't even remember what I said in a reading a day ago!

A woman came in recently and when she sat down she said I have to tell you something before we start. She went on to tell me that at the end of her reading the year prior that I told her that I kept getting slurpees from her husband who passed and that they kept changing color. She, of course, had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I told her it was one of my crazy ones, so please hold onto it. It's always the crazy ones that make the most sense later. 

After the reading she called her step son which was the son of the man who came through in her reading. She doesn't speak to him much because he is currently in college in another state. She mentioned the slurpees and he started crying. The last 3 weeks he had just fallen in love with slurpees and had been getting one in a different flavor every single day. 

Now, slurpees are not important, obviously. The point is that his father is around and watching him. He sees even the most benign daily thing his son is doing that is as simple as his new slurpee addiction that no one else knows about.

These stories are my favorite part of doing a reading. When our loved ones can, not only give us evidence that they are crossed over, but that they can see the little things we do on a daily basis.... and a reminder that sometimes what you get is for someone else completely😊

What if a spirit doesn't make sense at the time of a reading?

I will tell you that it is extremely rare for me to have someone come through that doesn't make sense. It has honestly only happened a handful of times in over a thousand readings I have done at this point. If that happens, it drives me crazy and I can't let it go. Lol. I will keep going back to that client in the reading trying to understand and see if maybe I have misinterpreted their relation to the person or to make sure they haven't forgotten someone from the past. Eventually, I will see people have an "A-HA" moment when they realize who it is. But, there have been a few times that it has happened and they leave and I don't know if it ever did make sense afterwards unless they call me. It is very easy to have horse blinders on during a reading because we are so anxious hear from certain people that we forgot other losses that we may have had or that someone close to us has. It is quite common for someone to come through to give a message to someone else other than the client in front of me or on the other side of the phone. It happens all of the time.

So, a couple of weeks ago I did a reading for a woman who had one person who came through that she couldn't identify. But, it was never resolved during the reading. During her reading a young male came through who was in his 20's/early 30's. He was a "friend" energy and he was not related to her. He had had a tragic passing and it felt like a suicide. He had actually been quite a charismatic and funny young man. He said his name was Ben. He very much wanted someone to know he was ok. I picked up a few other traits and that was about it. She couldn't figure it out, but I told her to hold onto it because that rarely happens to me and I am confident about this man. So, I hoped he would make sense later...or we would see that I am just freaking crazy!

A week later I got a phone call from that client. She said that she had to call me because she found out who our mystery man was! I gave a great sigh of relief! I tend to forget readings fairly quickly, but I remembered this one just because she was the one client who had a mystery person. She went on to tell me that her ex-boyfriend whom she hadn't spoken to in a long time called her the night before and asked if he could come over and talk. She agreed and he came over. This part is relevant. Her reading was on a Friday a 12pm the week before. As they were speaking, he said that his best friend, Ben had committed suicide last Friday. He was found at 9am. That was 3 hours prior to her reading on the same day! It hit her like a truck and she played him the recording from our reading which obviously gave him quite a shock.

Not only was he identified, but it was a lesson and a reminder to always hold onto information after reading even if it doesn't make sense at the time of the reading.  His cross over was so quick that his soul could know that someone who could connect with his friends and family was going to be near a medium the same day he passed so that he could pass a message through. Crazy, right?! I have seen a lot, but even this one had me shaking my head in amazement. Some part of him knew that his message would get passed on. Maybe he even pushed his best friend to call that ex -girlfriend so that that they could make that connection. What is so fascinating about this particular experience is that not only did he cross over immediately, but that he could communicate within hours of passing. So, you never know who is going to come through as crazy as I may sound at the time!


Rocks and paper

I had a reading recently that had quite a special moment for a client afterwards. It has stuck in my head so I wanted to share it. As I always tell my clients, it is usually the oddest thing that comes out of my mouth that ends up making the most sense after a reading, so never throw anything away. I did a reading for woman whose grandparents on her fathers's side came through very strong. Just before the end of the reading her grandmother wanted to show me one more thing. I saw what looked like a rock and some hand written letters placed beneath them. I asked my client if she knew why her grandmother may be showing me what looked like a rock, or maybe a paperweight and if she knew about any letters from or to her grandmother that had been written recently. I didn't know how else to interpret the two images together. Nothing made sense, but I said to please hold onto it because it was too random to not mean anything. Then she went on her way. I received an email from her later. She told her father about the reading and apparently he went into shock about the rock and the letters. His daughter didn't know this, but since his mother's passing he goes to the cemetery quite often to visit her. While he is there, he finds stones and writes messages to her on them in permanent marker to let her know that he misses her and places them on her grave. She has been watching from above and brought it forward in hopes that her granddaughter would let her son know that she sees them....and she did.

Am I disturbing my loved ones by getting a reading?

I find that many new clients who are having their first reading are scared that they are disturbing their friends and family that have passed on by having a reading. It just isn't the case at all. Not only are they happy to be there, but they will often come back again and again in future readings. Whenever I read someone again, I will always ask that if any of the same people are going to come through in the reading that were there in the prior reading to please provide different evidential information. I want to make sure that my client knows it is them and I want to know there is a clear connection with concrete evidence. What I am always amazed by is that they do always come in with different information. Last week I even had client who literally asked for her mom to bring a code word through so she knew it was her since we have done a few readings before. And guess what? She did. They won't always be able to get that specific thing through so it doesn't mean you should ever expect something specific from them. But, they do try and many times a spirit will bring in something you hoped to hear from them. They want to communicate just as much as you do and they do hear you.

Never throw information away just because it doesn't make sense at the time of a reading.

Everything that comes out in a reading should make sense. There will be those one or two things that don't though. I always tell my clients to hold onto those and see if they present themselves because you never know when they will become clear. Here is something that happened this week that was just a reminder as to how amazing the communication from our loved ones can be. This week I had a woman come in whose mother came through in her reading. Some big stuff came out in the reading that there had been questions about for decades. It was incredibly heavy and healing. Her mother brought through a couple of names that came in crystal clear. But, at the time did not make sense in the midst of all of these pieces of information that she came forward with. I told my client to hold onto to them and see if they make sense after the reading. Her mother also brought through a red car. It looked small, but I didn't know if this was a toy or a real car. It didn't really make sense and my client doesn't have kids so it wasn't in reference to a possible gift from mom or something like that. It was random regardless. I mentioned it even though I hesitated and let it go. I knew it was either a piece of "trash" that I picked up or it would present itself later. I told her to hold onto that one as well and just see what happens. I then receive an email the following day that when my client got home, she went though her mom's high school yearbooks and on one the pages was a note written by a girl with one of the exact names I mentioned. So she looked her up online. She found information about her and found that the other name that came through was this high school friend's mother. She is now getting in contact with the high school friend who may have even more answers about what was discussed in the reading as all the questions pertained to things that occurred while her mom was most likely in high school. The red car?....her dog was digging in the dirt later that day. When she went to see what her dog was doing, guess what was in the hole? A little red car. A sign from mom to let her know she is present and she even left a little gift.

I've got an apple here?

I like to share readings once in awhile that make me smile. This was a particularly unique one that just happened last week. I did a second reading for a woman who has lost her young son. I did the first one roughly six months ago. I also have done one with her husband. Their son has come through crystal clear every time. Now prior to do doing this second reading with her she had seen another medium a couple months before. She mentioned that her son tried to come through, but she wasn't sure about it. So she was hoping for something in particular to let her know if he was there or not in that reading. I never know if that piece of information someone is hoping for is one of the pieces of evidence that will come through, but I always hope that it does. As I got started a few pieces of evidence started flowing through and then I heard the word "apple". I thought, huh? But, I always give everything I get as crazy as it may sound. (And if you have had a reading before you know that many times we get symbols and words and have to figure out what they are trying to convey). She laughed and I asked if that meant anything because I had no idea why her son was saying "apple". She then told me that the medium she had spoken with hadn't been able to give her much evidence, but told her that her son made friends with some people on the other side who were trying to come up with a better communication device to the other side. One of those people he said was...Steve Jobs...of Apple computers. Now, I don't necessarily believe that her son is hanging out with Steve Jobs, but then again I have no idea and maybe he is. Who really knows? Anything is possible. The point is that she had asked her son to please bring forth some evidence that he was trying to come through in the other reading. And there it was...Apple. Whether what he is doing on the other side is true or not, he made it very clear that he was there and heard the whole thing nonetheless. 

We are not all created equal?

What if I told you that we weren't all created equal, but not in the way you would assume? Simply as humans we are all one and equal in that way, of course. But, we all come into this life with past experiences that shape us from the beginning. We have all lived numerous lives and lived many lives with many of the people that are in our daily life today. Ever have a fear of something, but you have no recollection of anything happening in your life that would have innately made you fearful of that thing? Maybe you have always been incredibly good at something since a very young age even though you never had any training at whatever that may be. These could be experiences and memories from a past life. That is why we aren't created equal. No one is better than anyone else, nor worse for that matter, but we all come into this world with a different bag of experiences. Some of those may be there to help us and some may be there because we have to conquer them. 

There is a reason why there are some people that you meet that make you feel like you have known them very well may have. Or, how some people just feel like "old souls" or even "young souls". We have these feelings of just "knowing" even though we don't know why.

Here is an example from my own life. When my oldest son was about 3 years old he said to my husband, "Daddy, remember when we rode motorcycles together?" My husband of course told him, "We've never ridden motorcycles, you're 3!" My son simply said, "No, I mean from last time, you know...last time we were together". On another note, when I mention a story to my younger son and I tell him that he hadn't been born yet when such and such happened, he giggles and says "You mean when I was still dead?" The funny thing is that he is totally serious, lol. It has become very clear to me in my own life that my little family and I have been together before and were meant to be together again in this life to learn more lessons from one another. 

Under the pillow...

Some readings just make me smile a little bit bigger. This is one of them. It is such a simple little thing that occurred, but just warmed my heart so much. I had a reading with a woman this week whose young son who she had lost came through. Before he left at the end of the reading, he kept showing me something small under a pillow, but I couldn't see it. He kept lifting it up over and over. He was adamant about getting this through. So, I asked his mom if she had lost anything, or maybe kept a trinket of his under her pillow. She said no and had no idea what it meant. So, I thought maybe her son use to keep something under his pillow that he was trying to show? We couldn't figure it out. So as I always say, just put it in your pocket and see if it presents itself after you leave. The next day I received an email from her. Her other young son, who is still here, had lost his dog tag that had said "Brother and Best Friends Forever" with his brother's name on the other side of it. There they had found it, right under a pillow just like he said they would.

They are always looking out for us, always trying to help us and show us they are still here.


There are things that happen in our lives that define us. There are the days and the events that change our lives forever. These are the days that we know in our heart that there is no turning back to the way things once were. They are the best and the worst days of our lives. These are the moments that we grow, that we learn that it is all going to happen whether we want it to, or not. This is when we need to embrace the changes, hold on, and trust that we will understand why one day. And know on some level that we will survive and heal eventually.

Messages through songs

Listening to music to me feels like I'm curling up in my favorite blanket on a cold and rainy day. Music gives us that space where we feel allowed to feel sad when we need to be sad, or angry when we need to. It is our best friend when we need comfort and when it feels like no one else gets us. It can make us feel alive, or liberated like nothing can stop us. Sometimes it can be our healer that just simply makes everything feel like it's going to be ok. This morning I was feeling a bit out of my mind and overwhelmed about everything going on in my life at the moment. Just then one of my favorite songs, coincidentally called "Where is my mind?" which is a song that rarely comes on the radio, came on and I laughed for a moment and smiled. I thought "man, oh man is that appropriate right now" lol. I knew it was a message from my guides to chill out!

See if a song pops into your day that resonates with you today.(And no, I don't mean songs that you hear on the radio over and over that just drive you crazy because you are tired of them). Stop and think about why that song makes you feel whatever you may be feeling whether it is a good feeling, or a bad feeling. Maybe you will notice how random it is that this particular song came on in that moment of your day. Allow yourself to melt into it for a moment. It could be someone you love who has passed coming to say hi, or your guides trying to tell you something, or to pay attention to something that you may be ignoring. It could be a song just to make you smile. There are always signs around us if we just listen.

What if the person I want to hear from doesn't come through?

"If the person I want to hear from doesn't come through, are they mad at me?" I have been asked this a lot. So, hopefully this helps.

If someone that you want to hear from does not show up when you get a reading it does not mean that they don't love you, or that they are angry at you. There is a bigger picture going on that is beyond us here on this plane. Sometimes I have clients come in and 10 people show up for them, but it may not include the one person that they are hoping for. Sometimes just one person shows up that may or may not be the person someone was expecting as well. You will get what you are supposed to even if it's not who you wanted at the time. Remember that they have their own lives on the other side. You may also not be as ready as you think to hear from them, or you may need to hear a message from someone else more than that person at that particular moment in your life. Sometimes it's just simply not the right time to hear from certain loved ones yet. So, stay open and know that your loved ones on the other side will give you what you need to hear.

What it is like from my perspective during a reading.

I know that I pretty much have a billboard across my forehead that lets everyone know how much I love my job. But, it is not just because I have a gift that is fun to work with. This is how it is from my side.

People come into my office (or over Skype) and I can sense their energy immediately. The emotions I feel from them run anywhere from angry, sad, nervous, confused, happy, pessimistic or even indifferent. What makes my job so amazing for me is watching the transformation of people before my eyes during a session. Watching the energy of someone change from confused to clear headed, from feeling anger to feeling peace, from tears that turn into laughter, to feeling that true connection with their loved's incredibly beautiful. 

I get to see a light in people that is different from what they portray to the outside world. I can't get enough of it. I truly adore every single client I have ever had. Yep, I am a big fat sap. I even get teary on my way home from work sometimes because it makes me so happy to make other people happy, lol. Geek alert!

The weight of words

The weight of words....I come across so many people who have been told something from someone in their life that is usually negative and they end up holding onto it forever. It becomes their crutch. It weighs them down and consequently sometimes sends them into a downward spiral. Parents tell their kids that they are stupid and will never succeed, so they don't. A boyfriend tells a girl she is fat so she becomes anorexic. And so on..... We have all been told something at some point that has ended up making us insecure for a time, right?

Before you say something that may be negative towards someone, think about how you would feel if someone said that to you. And on the other side of that coin, don't let one person get you down. Their words only mean as much as you allow them to. Believe in who are and what you are about. It's nobody's place to judge you, nor are you in any place to judge others. 

I just had to get that one out. It's been bugging me all week. Have a beautiful and judge free day!

In the Flowers

This is the last image that has been stuck in my head lately that I really like. Then, I will take a break from stories and move onto other fun stuff. I'm not even sure what I mean by that, but I will figure it out, lol.

I had a reading a few weeks ago with a woman who wanted to contact her husband. He came through just fine with great detail and messages. And at the end of the reading, I said "let me just see if he has anything else to say before I shut down from the session". What I saw was some flowers and he said "I will see you in the flowers". We had been talking about a particular rose garden much earlier and I thought, "well, I must be still stuck on that for some reason and it's popping up again". But, it did feel a bit different than what I was shown earlier so I put it out there. 

I told her what I saw and she looked at me a little funny. I thought "oh gosh, this was going so well. I must have lost the link and she has no idea what I am talking about now". Then she smiled and said that she kew exactly what I was talking about. In her bedroom there is a window on each side of the bed. She and her husband had planted specific flowers outside of each of the windows on their sides of the bed and even gave them names. I can't remember now what the story was behind them, but every morning they would say good morning to them. Since he passed, every morning that she opens the curtains she still says good morning to his. And he is there every morning to say good morning back to her.

Another one of my favorite images from a reading

Off the top of my head, this is another one of my favorite images that I find so cool. I had a woman's father come through. And it was such a simple thing that I was shown, but the meaning was so much more. He was simply showing me that he was getting balloons. 

I told her that I knew it sounded vague, but was there something significant about your father getting balloons, or did he maybe a have a birthday just before he passed? I couldn't figure it out, but I knew I wasn't being shown this for no reason. What it was is that he was acknowledging to his daughter that he was getting the balloons that her children let go of. 

As you know, it is very typical for a child to accidentally let go of a balloon and they fly off into the sky. Whenever this woman's children would lose a balloon, she would tell her kids "Don't worry, Papa has them now in heaven", so they wouldn't be sad about losing them. He caught every single one of them.

One of my favorite images from a reading

I am always asked to share more stories. There are so many that it is hard to choose. So, what I would like to share today is one of my favorite images from the other side. There are a few that have always stuck out to me because they were so poetic. I will share them one by one, so I don't bore you all : )

A friend of mine's sister came through once(this was in the beginning of my mediumship work) and she showed me an image of her sister's children and said to tell her that "I blow on the airplanes to make them go higher". This sounded strange to me, but as we all know it doesn't matter if it makes sense to me as long as it makes sense to whom it goes to. Oddly enough, it turned out that my friend's children had a paper airplane making set that they played with all of the time. It was her sister's way to let her know that she was watching over them and playing with them, even from the other side. I always found the vision of that so magical for some reason.


Forgive. Sometimes it feels like a four letter word! I am not saying anything we don't all already know. But, sometimes we need a reminder to forgive ourselves and to forgive others. Resentment and anger over something we can't change only weighs us down. So much so that we may have days that we wake up thinking that we just can't wait to go BACK to sleep and not have to deal because it all feels so heavy....yep, been there.

It is very rare that we end up getting the peace that we really want from a situation where someone is betrayed or hurt, but we have to learn to accept that it may never get resolved or at least to our own satisfaction, especially when they may have passed before there was chance to fix it. That's tough! 

When your loved ones cross over, they can see all that was done in their life. They do not still feel anger towards you if they did when they were alive nor do they feel anger at all. And, if you are the one feeling anger, you have to learn to let it go. Man, oh man is that hard! They know what was done and will have to work on it on the other side. Try to forgive them. You can always duke it out when you meet again. They may not have been perfect and maybe far from it for that matter in some cases, but they did not know how to be any different. That is their lesson to learn from. And yours is to overcome it and be the bigger person even if it doesn't seem fair.

Does it matter if you do a reading in person, or not?

Nope. Not at all. I receive the same information either way. There is no time or distance on the other side, so your loved ones or guides come through just as strong no matter how you do your reading. They know you are in my office, or on the phone. About half of my clients I see via Skype. I prefer video calls instead of just over the phone. It is much more personal and it feels like we are in the office together. That being said, I am happy to do whatever my client is more comfortable with.

How long do I need to wait to get a reading after someone passes?

Many mediums will tell you that you should wait a few months for a spirit to "adjust". I find this not be true. Now, if you feel like you need to wait for your own sake then you should wait until you are ready whenever that is, if ever. I have been in touch with numerous spirits within 3 weeks up to within 24 hours of their passing and they have come through loud and clear. So, I can tell you this from my own experience.

A story of a family finding each other on the other side

Alright, I have another story to share that stills warms my heart today. I hope it will bring a smile to your face. Again, I will change the names to protect my friend's privacy.
This was during the same time when I was randomly receiving messages for people that I know.

One day, I am meditating and a pretty teenage girl with long hair who is about 18 years old comes walking up to me. She lets me know who she has a message for, which is someone I have known for a few years(I will call her Andrea). The girl gave me her name and I remember at the time I could only get that her name started with a J, but I couldn't hear the name. She said she was Andrea's best friend when they were teenagers...and even while it was happening, I was thinking how did I not know that Andrea lost her friend when I have known her for years? She gave me a few details to identify herself and the most important one was that she said "Hey Andy, I'm cool" while she was doing a cute funny hitchhiker dance throwing her thumbs from side to side.

Now, this is where you have to pay attention. This happened Wednesday morning. I called Andrea and she called me back that evening. Everything made sense to her and the nickname and the dance was spot on. This is something she said and did all the time to make her friend laugh. She was obviously happy to hear from her friend. After our phone call, Andrea called her other best friend Maggie to tell her what had happened (the 3 of them were all best friends in high school). 

I get a text early Thursday morning from Andrea to tell me that Maggie remembered that she was still friends with J's brother on Facebook, so she sent an email to him to tell him that his sister had come through from the other side on Wednesday night. He got back to her, in shock, because his mom had passed away that day.....early Wednesday morning to be more precise.

J's mom never had recovered from losing her daughter. J and her mom were incredibly close from what I was told. So, the day that the mom passed, her daughter came through to me so I could find her best friend to let her know she was all right and that she finally had her mom with her. Consequently, it led to the rest of their family getting the information that not only that the mom was ok, but that J and her mom were finally together.

I'll leave it at that.