What if the person I want to hear from doesn't come through?

"If the person I want to hear from doesn't come through, are they mad at me?" I have been asked this a lot. So, hopefully this helps.

If someone that you want to hear from does not show up when you get a reading it does not mean that they don't love you, or that they are angry at you. There is a bigger picture going on that is beyond us here on this plane. Sometimes I have clients come in and 10 people show up for them, but it may not include the one person that they are hoping for. Sometimes just one person shows up that may or may not be the person someone was expecting as well. You will get what you are supposed to even if it's not who you wanted at the time. Remember that they have their own lives on the other side. You may also not be as ready as you think to hear from them, or you may need to hear a message from someone else more than that person at that particular moment in your life. Sometimes it's just simply not the right time to hear from certain loved ones yet. So, stay open and know that your loved ones on the other side will give you what you need to hear.