Forgive. Sometimes it feels like a four letter word! I am not saying anything we don't all already know. But, sometimes we need a reminder to forgive ourselves and to forgive others. Resentment and anger over something we can't change only weighs us down. So much so that we may have days that we wake up thinking that we just can't wait to go BACK to sleep and not have to deal because it all feels so heavy....yep, been there.

It is very rare that we end up getting the peace that we really want from a situation where someone is betrayed or hurt, but we have to learn to accept that it may never get resolved or at least to our own satisfaction, especially when they may have passed before there was chance to fix it. That's tough! 

When your loved ones cross over, they can see all that was done in their life. They do not still feel anger towards you if they did when they were alive nor do they feel anger at all. And, if you are the one feeling anger, you have to learn to let it go. Man, oh man is that hard! They know what was done and will have to work on it on the other side. Try to forgive them. You can always duke it out when you meet again. They may not have been perfect and maybe far from it for that matter in some cases, but they did not know how to be any different. That is their lesson to learn from. And yours is to overcome it and be the bigger person even if it doesn't seem fair.