In the Flowers

This is the last image that has been stuck in my head lately that I really like. Then, I will take a break from stories and move onto other fun stuff. I'm not even sure what I mean by that, but I will figure it out, lol.

I had a reading a few weeks ago with a woman who wanted to contact her husband. He came through just fine with great detail and messages. And at the end of the reading, I said "let me just see if he has anything else to say before I shut down from the session". What I saw was some flowers and he said "I will see you in the flowers". We had been talking about a particular rose garden much earlier and I thought, "well, I must be still stuck on that for some reason and it's popping up again". But, it did feel a bit different than what I was shown earlier so I put it out there. 

I told her what I saw and she looked at me a little funny. I thought "oh gosh, this was going so well. I must have lost the link and she has no idea what I am talking about now". Then she smiled and said that she kew exactly what I was talking about. In her bedroom there is a window on each side of the bed. She and her husband had planted specific flowers outside of each of the windows on their sides of the bed and even gave them names. I can't remember now what the story was behind them, but every morning they would say good morning to them. Since he passed, every morning that she opens the curtains she still says good morning to his. And he is there every morning to say good morning back to her.