Another one of my favorite images from a reading

Off the top of my head, this is another one of my favorite images that I find so cool. I had a woman's father come through. And it was such a simple thing that I was shown, but the meaning was so much more. He was simply showing me that he was getting balloons. 

I told her that I knew it sounded vague, but was there something significant about your father getting balloons, or did he maybe a have a birthday just before he passed? I couldn't figure it out, but I knew I wasn't being shown this for no reason. What it was is that he was acknowledging to his daughter that he was getting the balloons that her children let go of. 

As you know, it is very typical for a child to accidentally let go of a balloon and they fly off into the sky. Whenever this woman's children would lose a balloon, she would tell her kids "Don't worry, Papa has them now in heaven", so they wouldn't be sad about losing them. He caught every single one of them.