One of my favorite images from a reading

I am always asked to share more stories. There are so many that it is hard to choose. So, what I would like to share today is one of my favorite images from the other side. There are a few that have always stuck out to me because they were so poetic. I will share them one by one, so I don't bore you all : )

A friend of mine's sister came through once(this was in the beginning of my mediumship work) and she showed me an image of her sister's children and said to tell her that "I blow on the airplanes to make them go higher". This sounded strange to me, but as we all know it doesn't matter if it makes sense to me as long as it makes sense to whom it goes to. Oddly enough, it turned out that my friend's children had a paper airplane making set that they played with all of the time. It was her sister's way to let her know that she was watching over them and playing with them, even from the other side. I always found the vision of that so magical for some reason.