I've got an apple here?

I like to share readings once in awhile that make me smile. This was a particularly unique one that just happened last week. I did a second reading for a woman who has lost her young son. I did the first one roughly six months ago. I also have done one with her husband. Their son has come through crystal clear every time. Now prior to do doing this second reading with her she had seen another medium a couple months before. She mentioned that her son tried to come through, but she wasn't sure about it. So she was hoping for something in particular to let her know if he was there or not in that reading. I never know if that piece of information someone is hoping for is one of the pieces of evidence that will come through, but I always hope that it does. As I got started a few pieces of evidence started flowing through and then I heard the word "apple". I thought, huh? But, I always give everything I get as crazy as it may sound. (And if you have had a reading before you know that many times we get symbols and words and have to figure out what they are trying to convey). She laughed and I asked if that meant anything because I had no idea why her son was saying "apple". She then told me that the medium she had spoken with hadn't been able to give her much evidence, but told her that her son made friends with some people on the other side who were trying to come up with a better communication device to the other side. One of those people he said was...Steve Jobs...of Apple computers. Now, I don't necessarily believe that her son is hanging out with Steve Jobs, but then again I have no idea and maybe he is. Who really knows? Anything is possible. The point is that she had asked her son to please bring forth some evidence that he was trying to come through in the other reading. And there it was...Apple. Whether what he is doing on the other side is true or not, he made it very clear that he was there and heard the whole thing nonetheless.