Rocks and paper

I had a reading recently that had quite a special moment for a client afterwards. It has stuck in my head so I wanted to share it. As I always tell my clients, it is usually the oddest thing that comes out of my mouth that ends up making the most sense after a reading, so never throw anything away. I did a reading for woman whose grandparents on her fathers's side came through very strong. Just before the end of the reading her grandmother wanted to show me one more thing. I saw what looked like a rock and some hand written letters placed beneath them. I asked my client if she knew why her grandmother may be showing me what looked like a rock, or maybe a paperweight and if she knew about any letters from or to her grandmother that had been written recently. I didn't know how else to interpret the two images together. Nothing made sense, but I said to please hold onto it because it was too random to not mean anything. Then she went on her way. I received an email from her later. She told her father about the reading and apparently he went into shock about the rock and the letters. His daughter didn't know this, but since his mother's passing he goes to the cemetery quite often to visit her. While he is there, he finds stones and writes messages to her on them in permanent marker to let her know that he misses her and places them on her grave. She has been watching from above and brought it forward in hopes that her granddaughter would let her son know that she sees them....and she did.