Slurpees. That is what I mentioned at the end of a reading. I found out what it meant a year later. This is the reason why I always tell my clients to hold on to the crazy things I say in a reading. I have 1 to 3 of them in every one. Quite honestly I do not remember saying this. I can't even remember what I said in a reading a day ago!

A woman came in recently and when she sat down she said I have to tell you something before we start. She went on to tell me that at the end of her reading the year prior that I told her that I kept getting slurpees from her husband who passed and that they kept changing color. She, of course, had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I told her it was one of my crazy ones, so please hold onto it. It's always the crazy ones that make the most sense later. 

After the reading she called her step son which was the son of the man who came through in her reading. She doesn't speak to him much because he is currently in college in another state. She mentioned the slurpees and he started crying. The last 3 weeks he had just fallen in love with slurpees and had been getting one in a different flavor every single day. 

Now, slurpees are not important, obviously. The point is that his father is around and watching him. He sees even the most benign daily thing his son is doing that is as simple as his new slurpee addiction that no one else knows about.

These stories are my favorite part of doing a reading. When our loved ones can, not only give us evidence that they are crossed over, but that they can see the little things we do on a daily basis.... and a reminder that sometimes what you get is for someone else completely😊