A story of a family finding each other on the other side

Alright, I have another story to share that stills warms my heart today. I hope it will bring a smile to your face. Again, I will change the names to protect my friend's privacy.
This was during the same time when I was randomly receiving messages for people that I know.

One day, I am meditating and a pretty teenage girl with long hair who is about 18 years old comes walking up to me. She lets me know who she has a message for, which is someone I have known for a few years(I will call her Andrea). The girl gave me her name and I remember at the time I could only get that her name started with a J, but I couldn't hear the name. She said she was Andrea's best friend when they were teenagers...and even while it was happening, I was thinking how did I not know that Andrea lost her friend when I have known her for years? She gave me a few details to identify herself and the most important one was that she said "Hey Andy, I'm cool" while she was doing a cute funny hitchhiker dance throwing her thumbs from side to side.

Now, this is where you have to pay attention. This happened Wednesday morning. I called Andrea and she called me back that evening. Everything made sense to her and the nickname and the dance was spot on. This is something she said and did all the time to make her friend laugh. She was obviously happy to hear from her friend. After our phone call, Andrea called her other best friend Maggie to tell her what had happened (the 3 of them were all best friends in high school). 

I get a text early Thursday morning from Andrea to tell me that Maggie remembered that she was still friends with J's brother on Facebook, so she sent an email to him to tell him that his sister had come through from the other side on Wednesday night. He got back to her, in shock, because his mom had passed away that day.....early Wednesday morning to be more precise.

J's mom never had recovered from losing her daughter. J and her mom were incredibly close from what I was told. So, the day that the mom passed, her daughter came through to me so I could find her best friend to let her know she was all right and that she finally had her mom with her. Consequently, it led to the rest of their family getting the information that not only that the mom was ok, but that J and her mom were finally together.

I'll leave it at that.