What it is like from my perspective during a reading.

I know that I pretty much have a billboard across my forehead that lets everyone know how much I love my job. But, it is not just because I have a gift that is fun to work with. This is how it is from my side.

People come into my office (or over Skype) and I can sense their energy immediately. The emotions I feel from them run anywhere from angry, sad, nervous, confused, happy, pessimistic or even indifferent. What makes my job so amazing for me is watching the transformation of people before my eyes during a session. Watching the energy of someone change from confused to clear headed, from feeling anger to feeling peace, from tears that turn into laughter, to feeling that true connection with their loved ones...it's incredibly beautiful. 

I get to see a light in people that is different from what they portray to the outside world. I can't get enough of it. I truly adore every single client I have ever had. Yep, I am a big fat sap. I even get teary on my way home from work sometimes because it makes me so happy to make other people happy, lol. Geek alert!