A very unique and magical experience

I kind of feel like we still live like we think the world is flat as far as our knowledge and understanding of the other side, other worlds, dimensions, etc. I obviously mean this in a very general sense. (Sorry the below is a little long, but I couldn't make it any shorter) 

So, I thought about sharing a story that makes us think even deeper about after life communication. It is not about a reading. It is about the universe and our loved ones providing what we need if we believe and listen, and see that in the midst of all the ugly that happens in the world, there are beautiful things that happen in between.

In the beginning before I was taking requests for people and before I started doing readings, everyday I would receive messages for random people that I knew and I would call them and tell them who came to me and what their messages were. Friends would tell me that they were going to send their loved ones to me all of the time. And I would say, "okie dokie, I will let you know if they show up". Sometimes they did and sometimes they didn't.

I have a friend, who I will call Amanda Smith just to protect her privacy. She was one of my friends who said that she was going to try and send her father to me. Again, I said "ok. I'll let you know". After that conversation we actually didn't speak for months just because life gets busy. Then we started texting each other about getting together in a few weeks for dinner. We made arrangements via text and that was that.

The day before I was going to see her I felt a need to sit and meditate for no reason it seemed except to tune in. This was around 11am. I remember because I was waiting for my husband to get out of the house that morning so I could have some quiet, lol...and he didn't leave until just before 11. About 10 to 15 minutes in...I see Mr. Smith walk up. I knew it was him because he simply introduced himself to me. I smiled and told him that I had been expecting him. I assumed he showed up because he knew I was going to see Amanda and I could relay his message at dinner. (This happened to me a lot during this time where a spirit would show up with a message for someone they knew I was going to see in the next couple of days). He asked to write a letter and so I pulled out my pen and he wrote his words through my hand.

After all the messages were taken down, we said our goodbyes. I texted Amanda and said " well, I just hung out with your dad for awhile. I guess he knew we were having dinner". She replied with a "OMG!", lol..but not in the way you would think.

She said she had an 11:11 moment that morning. She knows it is her father reaching out to say hi every time she sees that number sequence. That very morning at 11:11 she felt him, but didn't know what he wanted. She pushed on the clock and said, "Go find my friend Heidi. I can't hear you." And that is exactly what he did at that very moment and he conveyed messages to me that made perfect sense to Amanda. I had NO idea that this had transpired on her end on the other side of the city.

The things that had to be lined up in the universe for that to happen are beyond me. She was listening but couldn't hear, he was listening and found me, and something that morning had told me to sit down and listen though I didn't know for what. And, that it worked out so that I was in my most receptive state at the exact moment that she had asked him to find me. What a beautiful and incredible universe that we live in. Everyone does live on and they DO hear you. Food for thought for your day : )


Does a person who took their own life go to a bad place?

I have debated since this happened yesterday whether I should share this story or not, but I feel compelled to. I know my normal is not a lot of people's normal, so it may seem a little grim. I share this story not in a sad way, but in a way that I hope lifts people up to know that we do survive no matter what the circumstance is when we leave this life.

A woman emailed me 2 days ago and said her boyfriend had taken his own life less than a week ago, and asked if I could contact him so she knew he was all right. As much as I tell people that I can't promise the person they want will come through, with this woman I stressed it! I knew the chances were VERY slim considering the timeline and the way it happened, but told her to come in yesterday and we would try.

Not only did he come through loud and clear with at least 10 specific detailed things about himself that could be validated, but he mentioned he had a son. She confirmed this with me and I told her he had a message for him. As clear as day, he says "Tell him to be better than me". Her jaw dropped. She said that was the last thing he said to his son in a text before he took his life. My jaw then dropped as well and even I was like " What?! I do this everyday and even I think that is crazy!"

I found this particular story really profound in so many ways, so many I can't even write them all down. It is so multi-layered. He survived and he is just fine. He is not in hell or any sort of bad place. He will have some work to do on the side that is beyond my knowledge, but he is in a good place and even reminding his son that he will be watching, always. I know this is a very touchy subject but I feel it was worth sharing because it makes us think and question...